school visits

Donna C. Braymer is the author of the Adventures of Rowdy Raccoon and Rowdy Raccoon and the Turtle Who Wanted To Fly … published by Sable Creek Press. Braymer loves to speak to classrooms of children about the book and the three styles of writing she does.

Her classroom visits can include “Ranger Braymer” and a hike into the forest with the students to see what the animals are doing. While on this imaginary hike students watch the story unfold while Braymer holds large form-board posters of the beautiful artwork so all students can see well.

100_1847While in the “Forest” the real sounds of the Scissor-Tail Flycatcher can be heard and students help Ranger Braymer and the animals rescue Tommy Turtle. (Since we all know turtles and raccoons can not fly!) If a teacher would like the writing process discussed, Braymer shows examples of her newspaper writing which include fiction, fact and opinion writing.

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