Donna Braymer began writing adventures about mischievous raccoons many years ago. She enjoys writing stories that involve some fun and excitement, yet teach character-building traits at the same time.

Her books have made a difference to children within the Manna Organization in Manilla, Philippines, and in many homes and schools around the United States as well as in the homes of several missionary families around the world.

Braymer also works at the Harrison Daily Times as the Business Editor, Religion Editor and the Promotions/Events Coordinator. She loves the daily challenges of newspaper writing and often speaks to students about the three styles of writing she is involved in at the newspaper: Fact, Fiction and Opinion. She writes two weekly columns. One entitled, “From the Pastor’s Wife” on the Faith for Life pages and one on the “Newspapers in Education” (NIE) page that goes into the classrooms once a week.

Braymer is a pastors wife, and her husband has pastored at the Open Door Baptist Church in Harrison, Arkansas for more than 30 years. They have three sons and daughter-in-laws and lots of precious grandchildren.

She also enjoys showing the story, “Rowdy Raccoon and the Turtle Who Wanted To Fly” to students as they pretend to be on a hike into the woods with park ranger Braymer. The over-posters of the book’s artwork makes it fun to tell the story while everyone can see the pages. Students use their imaginations to see the animals in the forest and watch the story unfold. They get to hear the sound of a real Scissor-Tail Flycatcher, and help rescue Tommy Turtle by pulling him up the cliff along with the animals in the story. The students enjoy their time in the woods while never leaving their comfortable classroom. And they learn the value of contentment.

She often says she got a lot of her ideas for Rowdy’s adventures from raising three boys … and surviving to tell about it!

To contact Donna Braymer about a school visit email her at or call 888-55-Rowdy.



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